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Marian Apparitions: Some Lessons from History, by Donal Anthony Foley - this article first appeared in the June 2001 issue of the Homiletic and Pastoral Review.

This article sets out to show that we can learn some important lessons from history regarding the authenticity of Marian apparitions, and that when this is done, the modern rash of alleged apparitions looks distinctly questionable.

Why Some Fall Into False Devotions, by Fr. Hugh S. Thwaites, S.J.

In this article Fr. Hugh S. Thwaites discusses some of the negative addictions humans get hooked on, including false devotions to Medjugorje, and the reasons why it is so difficult to turn away.

This article appeared in the Wanderer, 28 June 2001 edition.

Private revelations: "Keep to what is countenanced by the Church," by Fr Peter Joseph.

The abundance of alleged messages and revelations in the past thirty years makes ever more necessary the traditional caution and discernment of spirits. In today's confusion and spiritual wasteland, many Catholics are seeking contact with the supernatural via new private revelations, regardless of whether or not they have been approved, or even whether or not they are in accordance with the Faith. Even should the local bishop mistakenly disapprove of a genuine revelation, obedience to the Church remains paramount.

This article appeared in the February 2000 edition of AD2000 magazine.

Revelations by Fr Mark Slatter.

An article about the deluge of private revelations, provides points for discerning what is credible.

This article first appeared in This Rock Magazine in June 1998.

The Tide of Vain Credulity: the Church's Role in Apparitions by Jean Honoré, Archbishop of Tours

An article by the Archbishop of Tours on what is the proper attitude toward apparitions - first appeared in Fidelity Magazine, July-Aug 1989.

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