Decree concerning the
Apparitions at L'Ile Bouchard

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Decree by Archbishop Andre Vingt-Trois


Since 1947 many Catholics have made the pilgrimage to the church of St. Gilles, at L'Ile-Bouchard, to venerate the Virgin Marie. These pilgrimages have borne many fruits of grace. Never falling into sensationalism, they develop a spirit of prayer and strengthen the faith of the pilgrims.

Having carefully studied the events, and taken council with appropriate persons*, I authorize these pilgrimages, and the public cult celebrated in the church of St. Gilles of I'Ile-Bouchard, to invoke Our Lady of Prayer, under the pastoral authority of the parish priest of L'Ile-Bouchard.

Tour, 8 December 2001

Andre Vingt-Trois

Archbishop of Tours

Translation by Paul Rhoads. (*Translators note: specialists at the Vatican were among those consulted.) - decree text in French.

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