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Francis Phillips reviews Edith Stein: A Philosophical Prologue. By Alasdair Macintyre. Continuum. £9. 99

"In her novel To The Lighthouse Virginia Woolf employs a beguilingly simple simile to describe the mind of the philosopher, Mr Ramsay. She writes: If thoughtlike the alphabet is ranged in 26 letters all in order, then his splendid mind had no sort of difficulty in running over those letters, firmly and accurately, until it had reached, say, the letter QVery few people in the whole of England ever reach Q. By this reckoning I think I have probably reached the letter B. Thus, even though Alasdair Macintyre, currently senior research professor of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, says he is addressing the educated common reader, I will prescind from discussing the technical philosophic points he raises in this excellent introduction to Edith Steins intellectual development before her conversion."


"This book consists of twenty essays by the Director of the Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs at the University of St. Andrews. The author belongs to a growing number of Analytical Thomists and the diverse subjects on offer are analysed perceptively in this light."

Dr Pravin Thevathasan reviews Culture and the Thomist Tradition: After Vatican II,
by Dr Tracey Rowland.

"Like all good intellectual works, Culture and the Thomist Tradition, is profoundly relevant. It gives coherent answers as to why Humanae Vitae was rejected and why our once glorious liturgy is now in shambles."

Dr Pravin Thevathasan reviews Aquinas: On Reasons for our Faith, against the Muslims, Greeks and Armenians.

Translated by Fr Peter Damian Fehlner - Published by the Franciscans of the Immaculate, PO Box 3003, New Bedford, MA 02741 -3003, USA

Servais PINCKAERS, OP: The Pursuit of Happiness--God's Way: Living the Beatitudes, New York: Alba House, 1998. Pp. ix + 204. $5.95 pb. ISBN 8189-0797-5.

Reviewed by Robert P. MARKO , Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

"For Pinckaers the beatitudes are Jesus' answer to the human quest for happiness in the form of eight challenges and promises. Like his more scholarly and well received The Sources of Christian Ethics (1995), this more devotional work claims that Christian ethics begins in the Sermon on the Mount."

Dr Pravin Thevathasan reviews The Mystery of Reason, by Fr Paul Haffner

This fine work may be seen as a response to the Papal encyclical Fides et Ratio. It is an exploration of the relationship between faith and reason, and in so doing it makes use of a variety of approaches including philosophy, theology and contemplation. It is wholly faithful to the vision of the Church.

Dr Pravin Thevathasan reviews Thomas Aquinas: Approaches To Truth

(James McEvoy & Michael Dunne - Editors). Price Hbk £27.50,

Four Courts Press

This book consists of papers presented as annual Aquinas lectures delivered at the faculty of the Pontifical University, Maynooth.

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