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Answers in Genesis Book Reviews, by Dr Pravin Thevathasan

Refuting Evolution by Jonathan Sarfati (Answers in Genesis)

The Answers Book by Ken Ham, Jonathan Sarfati, Carl Wieland (Answers in Genesis)

Starlight and Time by D Russell Humphries (Master Books)

All three books are available through: Answers In Genesis

All three books are written by Evangelical Christians. It is becoming increasingly clear that orthodox Catholics have more in common with Bible-believing Christians than with liberals of whatever denomination. We appear to share common beliefs on the nature of the Incarnation and the immorality of abortion, for example.

All three books are highly recommended especially to those who have not previously investigated the creation-evolution debate. They lay to rest the old yarn that creationists are fundamentalists with no real interest in scientific advances. Dr. Humphries is a physicist, Dr. Sarfati is a chemist and Dr. Wieland is a medical doctor. They all write with charity: the creation-evolution debate can become heated!

Catholics are bound to disagree on certain points. For example, there are suggestions that science only developed after the Reformation. However, the founders of modern science -Buridan and Duhem for instance - lived before that time. Catholics will also disagree with the Sola Scriptura principle.

The Answers Book has a question and answer format and addresses the basic issues: the arguments for and against evolution, the flood, continental drift, the fossil record, the extinction of the dinosaurs etc.

It is a good, solid introduction to the whole debate.

Refuting Evolution was written in response to Teaching about Evolution and the nature of science, published by the National Academy of Sciences. It is very well written and puts forward a series of logical arguments against evolution. For example, on Theistic Evolution: "Theistic Evolution teaches that God used struggle for survival and death, the "last enemy" (1. Cor 15:26) as his means of achieving a "very good" (Gen 1:31) creation."

Starlight and Time is the most speculative of the books and addresses the question: how can we talk about millions of light years in a young universe? Dr. Humphries puts forward an interesting theory based on such concepts as gravitational time dilation, black and white holes and event horizons. Fascinating.

Evolution has been sold to us as a scientifically proven fact. These books not only question the whole evolution hypothesis, but put forward solid scientific evidence for Creationism.

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