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Fatima in the Third Millenium

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Fatima in Third Millennium coverTable of Contents

  • Introduction

  • John Paul IIs Act of Entrustment of the Third Millennium to Mary Most Holy, 8 October 2000

  • Publication of the Third Part of the Secret of Fatima
    Background - Cardinal Sodano's announcement at Mass of Beatification - The decision to publish - The text - The content of The Message of Fatima

  • Cardinal Ratzinger's Theological Commentary on the third part of the Secret of Fatima
    Theological status of Public Revelation and private revelations -Cardinal Ratzinger's interpretation of the third part of the secret - Status of the Message in the light of John Paul IIs teaching and the Theological Commentary
  • Beatification of Francisco & Jacinta Marto
    Beatification ceremony - What the Church intends by Beatification and Canonisation - Decree on the heroic virtues of Francisco and Jacinta - Miracle required for beatification - John Paul IIs Homily
  • Fatima and Evangelisation in the Third Millennium
    The Family and Fatima - The Angel's Apparitions - Our Lady's Apparition - Sacrifice of our daily duty - The Rosary - Five First Saturdays Communion of Reparation - Conclusion

Introduction (excerpts)

In the Holy Year 2000, Pope John Paul II carried out three acts of major importance with regard to Fatima which, when considered both individually and as a whole, have imparted significant new meaning to the message of Our Lady of Fatima, and which clearly demonstrate why and how it is more than ever relevant to the Church's mission of evangeli­sation in the opening century of the third millennium.

This study sets out to provide a straightforward account of these events and how they unfolded, so that in the new light which they shed upon it, we may seek to discern what is God's will for His Church, in her under­standing and acceptance of Our Lady's message.

Pope John Paul II has stated that from the beginning of his pontificate his thoughts had been on the Holy Year 2000 "with the sole purpose of preparing everyone to be docile to the working of the Spirit" (Incarnationis Mysterium, 2). Dedicated to the Incarnation of the Word, the Holy Year was intended to be intensely Eucharistic, as John Paul II wrote, in his Apostolic Letter Novo Millennio Ineunte, No. 11, issued on 6th January 2001. The Pope then continued:

"At the same time, along with the memory of the birth of the Son, how could the memory of the Mother be missing ? Mary was present in the Jubilee celebration not only as a theme of high-level academic gatherings, but above all in the great Act of Entrustment (emphasis added) with which, in the presence of a large part of the world episcopate, I entrusted to her maternal care the lives of the men and women of the new millennium."

Now once again the Pope has directed the attention of the Church towards Fatima, through the three significant new developments in the Holy Year 2000. Hence my intention in presenting this study is to elucidate the present status and significance of the message of Fatima in the Church, as it now stands in the light of these developments.

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