Review of Praying the Rosary with the Saints,
by Nick Donnelly

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Donal Anthony Foley reviews, Praying the Rosary with the Saints, by Nick Donnelly (CTS Publications, D 664, £1.95)

This new CTS booklet is such a good idea that it is surprising that nobody has thought of it before!

The introduction speaks of the importance of the saints in our own spiritual journey, and how the rosary is a time-honoured way of bringing us closer to Christ. Nick Donnelly reminds us of how devoted the saints were to Our Lady, and of how the rosary allows us the possibility of an “ever-more profound intimacy with Jesus and Mary.”

There is then a section on “how to use this book” which has details of the various mysteries to be prayed on particular days, before the various mysteries, including the new luminous mysteries, are explained in more detail. Donnelly’s method is quite simple but ingenious: for each Hail Mary he has a quotation either from the Gospels or from one of the many canonised Saints of the Church.

This is a very effective way of absorbing the wisdom of holiness while at the same time meditating on events in the lives of Jesus and Mary. The texts include quotations from figures as diverse as St Thomas Aquinas and Mother Teresa, as St Bernard and St John Fisher. They have been specially chosen to illustrate particular aspects of each mystery, and the author has done a very good job of selection.

This part of the text, 39 pages, forms the bulk of the booklet, and the final section, 28 pages, has potted biographies of the saints quoted previously, ranging from St Alphonsus Ligouri to St Vincent de Paul.

In sum, this is an excellent idea, well executed, and this booklet deserves wide circulation.

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